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The PFM Blog Annual Top 10 Awards for 2022

Following two years of turmoil, 2022 saw the world finding its way back, if not to pre-pandemic days, at least to a post pandemic “new” normal. The PFM world was no exception, as witnessed by our readers’ most viewed articles of the year.

During 2022, we published 78 articles, of which 56 percent were authored by non-IMF staff or experts, (as opposed to 50% last year). This confirms the trend we had witnessed in 2021, showing an increasing participation by other international organizations, think tanks and research institutes, finance ministries, independent consultants, and other non-IMF sources. The top three most viewed articles this year were all authored by non-IMF sources, just like last year.

The recurrent themes in the articles posted in 2022 echoed the global issues the world is currently facing, including economic recovery, fiscal stress, green PFM, climate change, infrastructure, and digitalization.

2022 also saw the PFM Blog move from the location that saw its inception in 2008, to a brand-new platform, along with the main IMF blog, undergoing a huge makeover in the process. The new platform has a better layout, improved access, and better engagement, and we are grateful for all the positive feedback we have received about it.

So here are our top 10 awards for 2022, based on the most popular articles:

The third most viewed PFM Blog article award goes to Ian Ball, John Crompton and Dag Detter, for their article, “Public Financial Management and Google Maps”.

The second most viewed article award goes to Muhammad Afnan Alam, for his piece on “Evaluating Pakistan’s Performance Based Budget”.

Finally, our most viewed article and first place award goes to Gary Bandy, Mark Johnson, Tia Raappana, and Srinivas Gurazada, for their article on “Rethinking Public Financial Management”, which is a fitting theme for the post-Covid recovery.

The strong engagement of our readers is very welcome. We want to thank you and encourage you to keep submitting your ideas to the Editors!

Top 10 PFM Blog Articles in 2022:

  1. Rethinking Public Financial Management by Gary Bandy, Mark Johnson, Tia Raappana, Srinivas Gurazada
  2. Evaluating Pakistan’s Performance Based Budget by Muhammad Afnan Alam
  3. Public Financial Management and Google Maps by Ian Ball, John Crompton, Dag Detter
  4. Developing and Using Global Tax Transparency Principles by Andrew Baker, Richard Murphy, Raquel Ferreira, Juan Pablo Guerrero
  5. What’s New in the IMF’s Infrastructure Governance Agenda by Nathalie Carcenac, Nicoletta Feruglio, Manal Fouad
  6. New IMF Guidance on Green PFM by Ozlem Aydin , Fabien Gonguet, Claude Wendling
  7. Effects of Innovation on Fiscal Policies and Economic Growth by Talal Rafi
  8. Managing Climate Risks in Infrastructure PPPs in Developing Countries by Jyoti Bisbey, Chang-Boong Lee, Patrick Ryan
  9. Government Accounting for Effective Decision Making by Julie Cooper
  10. Public Participation in the Budget Process: A New Approach by Marianne Fabian, Suad Hasan, Juan Pablo Guerrero