PFM Publications and References

PFM Publications and Courses

FAD publishes research, working papers, technical notes and “How To Notes” on PFM and other fiscal topics to advance the field of PFM and to guide member countries in the development and strengthening of their PFM institutions and systems. Please find below relevant references and links. 

IMF PFM Course This online course, presented by the Fiscal Affairs Department, provides an overview of PFM systems, institutions, and capacity building in developing and emerging market economies. Public Financial Management (


PFM Reference Books

Financial Management in Latin America: The Key to Efficiency and Transparency. Published by the IMF and IDB and edited by Carlos Pimenta and Mario Pessoa. Available at


Public Financial Management and Its Emerging Architecture: Published by the IMF and edited by M.Cangiano; Teresa R Curristine and Michel Lazare. Available at; Book Excerpt: Public Financial Management and Its Emerging Architecture

The International Handbook of Public Financial Management: Published by Palgrave Macmillan London and edited by Richard AllenRichard Hemming and Barry H. Potter. Available at

IMF Working Papers are available at Search (

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IMF How to Notes and Technical Notes


All How to Notes are available at How to notes (  Selected PFM Notes are listed below:


IMF Technical Notes and Manuals are available at: Notes and Manuals > Technical Notes and Manuals ( or Search (


Relevant PFM Links:

Below is a list of links for organizations that work on PFM as well as a list of country specific links.

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