PFM Blog

The Public Financial Management (PFM) Blog was founded in 2008 by Michel Lazare and Bill Dorotinsky when they worked for the Public Financial Management Divisions of the IMF’s Fiscal Affairs Department (FAD). The purpose of this Blog is to provide a forum for the dissemination of information and views on PFM topics from IMF staff and PFM experts and organizations across the globe.

The PFM Blog aims to share expertise and experience on PFM and related topics and to enhance our understanding of how strengthening PFM can contribute to better fiscal and economic outcomes. The Blog highlights new research, developments and trends in the PFM field that are of interest to public finance practitioners, researchers, and other readers.

The contribution of articles from experts outside the IMF is encouraged and represents about half of the articles published. The articles posted on this Blog represent the views of the authors themselves, and not necessarily the views and opinions of the IMF, its Board of Directors, or the governments they represent.

Topics covered by the PFM Blog include but are not limited to: PFM legal and institutional framework; fiscal rules, fiscal frameworks, and medium-term budgeting; macro-fiscal forecasting and policy; the management and analysis of fiscal risks, budget preparation; performance budgeting; budget execution; internal and external audit, cash and debt management; public investment management/infrastructure governance; government accounting and fiscal reporting; fiscal transparency and governance and anti-corruption; the management of public corporations; public sector balance sheets; and other topics related to budgeting and public finance. The Blog also covers PFM topics such as green PFM, gender budgeting and digitalization.