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February 15, 2010

IMF's Fiscal Affairs Department Publishes January 2010 "FAD e-Newletter"

Posted by Michel Lazare


The IMF's Fiscal Affairs Department (FAD) published the third issue of its "FAD e-newsletter" at the end of January 2020.

The full text of the FAD e-newsletter can be accessed by clicking here.

Among many others, this January 2010 includes links to the following publications, resources, announcements, and topics:

  •  The "Fiscal Monitor" which examines fiscal developments in a variety of country groups, with emphasis on G-20 countries; the latest issue of the Monitor contains updated estimates of medium-term fiscal adjustment requirements in advanced countries; takes a fresh look at previous large adjustment episodes; and presents new research on debt, deficits, and interest rates.
  • “A Strategy for Renormalizing Fiscal and Monetary Policies in Advanced Economies”, an IMF Staff Position Note in which FAD Director Carlo Cottarelli and Monetary and Capital Markets Director Jose Viñals explore the magnitude of the fiscal and monetary interventions in the past eighteen months and present elements of a strategy to bring back fiscal and monetary policy to normalcy in the aftermath of the crisis.
  •  "Fiscal Rules—Anchoring Expectations for Sustainable Public Finances."  In this study that was discussed by the IMF Executive Board, FAD staff shows that fiscal rules can help countries strengthen public finances and ensure debt sustainability. The study is based on a unique database encompassing virtually all fiscal rules existing in IMF member countries at both national and supra-national level. It also provides a detailed discussion of the design and implementation of fiscal rules around the world.
  • First "Fiscal Forum." On April 22-23, 2010,  FAD will host the first Fiscal Forum at the IMF Washington, D.C. headquarters. The Fiscal Forum is a network of senior government officials from over 30 major economies in the world which provides an opportunity for senior officials from participating countries to learn from each other’s experience in tackling the key macro-fiscal policy challenges of the day and to discuss policy coordination. The focus of the first Fiscal Forum, participation in which is by invitation only, will be the fiscal strategy after the crisis.

The FAD e-newsletter also presents the Fiscal Issues at the IMF website and the FAD series "Technical Notes and Manuals"

To subscribe to the FAD e-newsletter, please contact: FADsubscribe@imf.org.


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