Credit: IMF's Fiscal Affairs Department

IMF's Fiscal Affairs Department and Capacity Development: An Overview

Since 1964, the IMF’s Fiscal Affairs Department (FAD) has helped many countries build and strengthen human and institutional capacity by offering timely, practical, and tailored capacity development (CD), including technical assistance and training, on fiscal matters.

The Spring 2023 edition of FAD’s CD brochure provides an overview of the key characteristics of this CD support: methodologies and tools; ability to support all the beneficiaries, across the development spectrum; analytical work and publications that draw on and underpin FAD’s CD advice; and cross-country policy work. The brochure also highlights CD work in FAD’s core areas of expertise (public financial management, revenue administration, tax policy, expenditure policy, and macro-fiscal policies and frameworks). This new edition underscores the importance of FAD CD work to address some of the pressing challenges shaping our future (climate change, gender, Govtech, governance, fragility and conflict situations).


FAD’s expertise comes from a highly seasoned and diverse workforce with significant experience in building fiscal institutions across the spectrum of economic development. Over the past year, FAD provided technical advice and training to more than 160 countries across all regions and income levels, with a special attention to the needs of developing countries and emerging markets.


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