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September 27, 2007

Welcome to the New IMF Public Financial Management Blog

Welcome to the Public Financial Management Blog of the IMF Fiscal Affairs Department (FAD).

As the first IMF external blog and, to the best of our knowledge, the first PFM blog ever, my FAD colleagues and myself are thrilled to be breaking new ground.

Our specific objectives in launching this blog are threefold:

  • Share more broadly our extensive expertise in PFM
  • Contribute to improved understanding of PFM and the impact of PFM reforms
  • Provide a window into IMF work in PFM, and improve communication on our work and on PFM generally

The PFM blog should be of interest to PFM professionals, academia, students, as well as to the general public. It will, of course publish articles about the IMF work in PFM, including its analytical work. But it will also feature a broad range of postings; for instance, the blog will publish postings about journal articles we like or conferences we have attended.

It should serve as a reference site to all those  interested in PFM.

We are committed to helping member countries improve their PFM systems, and we hope you will find this site informative and useful. We encourage your feedback and comments, and look forward to working with you.

Do visit this blog often!

Teresa Ter-Minassian
Fiscal Affairs Department

Posted by Teresa Ter-Minassian


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Teresa and Bill: This is a great initiative and a very useful tool for the developing world and PFM practitioners. All the best.

Thank you very much. I hope you will invite World Bankers and other government officials to guest blog

From the desk of Dr. Sidney Okolo…

If this is symbolism over substance, then, the purpose of the blog may be defeated. If the mission is to share information and knowledge, consider them and take appropriate action to the benefit of the developing countries, then you have something here. Very often politicking among members takes over the economic goals for the developing countries due to bureaucracy, self-centeredness and bad intentions. Welcome to the blog.

Dr. Sidney Okolo

Dear Dr. Okolo:

Thank you for your comment. We provide technical assistance to many countries on public financial management, and the blog is an added tool for providing advice and assistance. Our intent is clearly on the substance --- we can let the blog speak for itself. Do let us know if you think we are not delivering the substance.

Bill Dorotinsky

Congratulations on this new frontier work. I hope you can keep it up...

Amir, thanks for your kind words. It was nice meeting you at the IMF's Annual Meeting seminar on performance budgeting. Please visit us often, we have programmed for November a number of posting that may be of interest to you and your University of Maryland's colleagues. Best.

hi pfm
i really appreciate your effort towards maintaining good management in our various government accross the globe .but i suggest you extendthe vission to other nation of the world.most especially nigeria.i will really appreciate your consideration.i so much believe in idea of good management in various sector of our economy.

whao! good to know a fantastic blog like this exist,however in my modest view accountability,transparency and the respect of public office that are the ingredients that make up good governance in a democratic set up are all a product of respect for the people's opinion through the polls and these i know is absent in Africa politics.i truely look forward to that day when credible citizens of the nations of Africa will be bold to aspire for political office because a formidable force stands behind them to shield them from the sword of bloody politicians and i know that time is now "change we need indeed"

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