Call for Papers: Practitioner's Corner, Governance

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Posted by Richard Allen[1]

Governance is an international journal devoted to the comparative study of executive politics, public policy, administration, and the organization of the state. PFM is one such area of interest. The journal seeks contributions that combine theoretical sophistication with rigorous empirical research. We welcome submissions employing any methodological approach that makes a clear and original intervention in a scholarly literature related to the journal's aims and scope. Peer-reviewed articles have a maximum length of 9,000 words.

Governance has always strongly encouraged public servants and politicians to submit articles based on their practical experience. Due to their many responsibilities, however, most practitioners do not have time to contribute scholarly articles to the journal. To address this, Governance is instituting a new section: Practitioner's Corner. Articles for this new section will be shorter, practical accounts of what works in various policy domains, under what conditions, and using which approaches. We invite submissions on PFM and other topics that identify a specific policy or administrative challenge, show how a particular solution works in the real world, and recommend next steps to develop this approach in the future. Submissions should follow the same style guide as the regular articles: except that they should be 3,000 to 5,000 words in length. Authors should indicate both their current affiliation, and their practical role in the work being analyzed. The intention is to get actual involvement of practitioners in the articles, leading to practical recommendations that may actually be implemented going forward.

Please send submissions via email to Clay Wescott ( Paper proposals are welcome as a first step. Draft papers will be reviewed anonymously by at least one referee.


[1] Co-editor, PFM Blog.

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