IMF Job Offer: Headquarters-Based Consultant, Expenditure Policy Division, Fiscal Affairs Department

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) seeks to hire a headquarters-based consultant with expertise on public expenditure policy issues for the Expenditure Policy Division (EPD) of its Fiscal Affairs Department (FAD). The EPD undertakes policy development and research and carries out technical assistance to member countries on selected public expenditure policy issues and their macroeconomic implications. Topics covered by the division include public expenditure efficiency and productivity, including options for improvements in the short run; the distributional impact of economic policies; subsidies and subsidy reform; macro-fiscal sustainability of social security systems and pension reform; fiscal risk from public investment and public-private partnerships; expenditure policy issues related to fiscal decentralization; macro-fiscal aspects of health expenditure and long-term expenditure trends; reform of public wages and employment; and fiscal aspects of labor market policies. The selected candidate will also be expected to have a solid grounding in macroeconomics. The selected candidate is expected to participate in technical assistance missions on expenditure policy issues and other IMF mission work, and as well as in the division's policy development work, which includes the preparation of Executive Board papers and of various divisional research projects.


The candidate should have a Ph.D. or equivalent qualifications in Economics. The successful candidate is expected to have a solid background in macroeconomics and public finance, and specific research or operational experience in public expenditure policies, of a minimum of two years.  A proven track record of written publications, papers, reports, or other documents is required. The selected candidate should possess excellent written and oral communication skills in English; an ability to work in Spanish and/or French would be desirable. The selected candidate may be required to travel frequently.

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