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Gender Equality and COVID-19: Policies and Institutions for Mitigating the Crisis
Posted by the IMF, UNDP, UN-Women

 Why PFM is Key for the Effective Roll Out of COVID-19 Vaccines
Posted by Hélène Barroy, Federica Margini, Triin Habicht, Tomas Roubal, Peter Cowley, and Joseph Kutzin

When It Rains, It Pours: Tools for Fiscal Risk Management in Africa
Posted by Bryn Battersby and Camilo Gomez Osorio

Buying Fast & Open: Lessons Learned from Ecuador in Combating Corruption and Covid-19
Posted by Lindsey Marchessault

Improving Fiscal Transparency in Francophone Africa
Posted by Bruno Imbert, Serge Ramangalahy, Claire Schouten, and Alex Kreko

Public Financial Management in the Post-COVID World
Posted by Srinivas Gurazada

Harnessing Accountability Through External Public Audits
Posted by Vivek Ramkumar and Claire Schouten

Tackling Corruption in Governments’ COVID-19 Health Responses
Posted by Aneta Wierzynska (Global Fund), David Clarke (WHO), Mark DiBiase and Anga Timilsina (UNDP), and Srinivas Gurazada (World Bank)

Building Strong PFM Foundations to Support Resilient Recovery
Posted by Bonnie Ann Sirois

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Austrian PFM System
Posted by Johann Seiwald and Tobias Polzer

How Better Management of Public Assets can Boost the Recovery
Posted by Dag Detter, Ian Ball, and Hanan Amin-Salem

Balancing Uganda’s Fiscal Rules during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Posted by Enock Bulime and Ezra F. Munyambonera

Public Investment for the Recovery
By Vitor Gaspar, Paolo Mauro, Catherine Pattillo, and Raphael Espinoza

From Hurricanes to COVID-19: PFM Tools in the Caribbean
Posted by Jean Luc Helis, Bruce Stacey and Bill Rafuse

Tracking COVID-19 Operations in Francophone Africa
Posted by Jean-Luc Hélis, Jean-Pierre Nguenang, Amina Bambara, Jean-François Dagues, Abdoulaye Touré and Pierre Roumegas

GIFT Guide on Fiscal Data for Emergency Responses
Posted by Lorena Rivero and Juan Pablo Guerrero

COVID-19 Funds in Response to the Pandemic
Posted by Fazeer Rahim, Richard Allen, Hélène Barroy, Laura Gores and Joseph Kutzin

Small Island Developing States, COVID-19 and Digital Technology
Posted by David Fellows and John Leonardo

The Caribbean Experience with PFM Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic
Posted by Arnold Ainsley

How African Civil Society can Promote Effective Use of COVID-19 Finance
Posted by Jason Harris and Concha Verdugo Yepes

Budgeting in the COVID-19 Crisis: Guidance on Preparing the 2021 Budget
Posted by Teresa Curristine, Bruno Imbert, Fazeer Sheik Rahim, Vincent Tang, Claude Wendling and Laura Doherty

From Lockdown to Recovery: The Design of Spending Measures to Support Firms and Households During COVID-19
Posted by Baoping Shang, Brooks Evans, and Zhiyong An

Overpromising and Underperforming Budgets During COVID-19: Possible Solutions
Posted by Vivek Ramkumar

Cutting Government Pay during a Crisis: Key Issues
Posted by Mercedes Garcia-Escribano and Chadi Abdallah

The Role of Latin American Legislatures in Budget Control During Covid-19
Posted by María Baron

Government Support to State-Owned Enterprises: Options for Sub-Saharan Africa
Posted by Bruno Imbert, John Ralyea, and Ashni Singh

Developing Asia’s Social Protection Response to the COVID-19 Crisis
Posted by Bart W. Édes

Cash Management has Helped Manage the COVID-19 Crisis in Georgia
Posted by David Gamkrelidze

4 Simple Steps to Implement Beneficial Ownership Under COVID-19
Posted by Thom Townsend

PFM Legal Responses to the Pandemic  – Be Fast, but Wise
Posted by Ozlem Aydin Sakrak, Alessandro Gullo and Karla Vasquez

Expenditure Arrears and the COVID-19 Pandemic
Posted by Paul Seeds and Suzanne Flynn

Three proposals for Mineral-Dependent Countries during the COVID Crisis
Posted by Andrew Bauer

Nigeria’s Targeted Credit Facility for COVID–19
Posted by Chukwuemeka O. ONYIMADU

No Calm after the Storm: Retooling PFM in the Health Sector
Posted by Helene Barroy, Srinivas Gurazada, Moritz Piatti-Fünfkirchen, and Joseph Kutzin

Reallocating Aid Budgets to Respond to COVID-19
Posted by Mark Miller and Bryn Welham

Open Budgets in the COVID-19 Era
Posted by Vivek Ramkumar and Paolo de Renzio

PFM Actions by Indian States to Combat COVID-19
Posted by Ashok Rao

Managing Public Investment Spending during the COVID-19 Crisis
Posted by Richard Allen and Eivind Tandberg

Efficient Public Contracting for Emergency Responses
Posted by Lindsey Marchessault

Government Cash Management under Fiscal Stress
Posted by Richard Allen, Emre Balibek, Yasemin Hurcan and Sandeep Saxena

How Civil Society Can Make COVID-19 Responses More Transparent
Posted by Claude Wendling and Juan Pablo Guerrero

Fiscal Policies for the Recovery from COVID-19
Posted by Vitor GasparW. Raphael Lam, and Mehdi Raissi

PFM Solutions for Emergency Cash Transfers in Brazil
Posted by Felipe Bardella and Pedro Jucá Maciel

COVID-19: New IMF Notes on Fiscal Issues (Batch 3)

What is the COVID-19 Crisis Impact on Public-Private Partnerships
Posted by Rui Monteiro and Ozlem Aydin Sakrak

Digital Solutions for Direct Cash Transfers in the COVID-19 Crisis
Posted by Gerardo Una, Sailendra Pattanayak, Richard Allen, and Gwenaelle Suc

Measuring the Cost to Governments of COVID-19
Posted by David Bailey

“Do Whatever It Takes but Keep the Receipts”—the Public Financial Management Challenges
Posted by Manal Fouad, Gerd Schwartz and Claude Wendling

COVID-19: New IMF Notes on Fiscal Issues

How Oil-Dependent Countries can Respond to Coronavirus and the Oil Crash
By Andrew Bauer and David Mihalyi

Fiscal Policies to Contain the Damage from COVID-19
Posted by Vitor GasparW. Raphael Lam, and Mehdi Raissi

COVID-19 is Testing Pakistan’s PFM Limits
Posted by Muhammad Afnan Alam

PFM Solutions in India to Combat the COVID-19 Pandemic
Posted by Alok Verma and Anupam Raj

Memo from Bangkok: Cash Management and COVID-19
Posted by Holger van Eden

COVID-19: Six Notes on Fiscal Issues

Responding to COVID-19 Challenges: Cash Buffers for a Rainy Day
Posted by Yasemin Hurcan, Fatos Koc, and Emre Balibek

Chaos Empire Sits: COVID-19 and its Immediate PFM Challenges
Posted by Suhas Joshi

COVID-19—Rethinking Treasury Business Continuity Plan
Posted by Emre Balibek

French Experience with Stimulus Packages, 2008-2009
Posted by Claude Wendling

Preparing Public Financial Management Systems to Meet Covid-19 Challenges
Posted by Sandeep Saxena and Michelle Stone 
French Translation

Fiscal Policies to Protect People During the Coronavirus Outbreak
By Vitor Gaspar and Paolo Mauro


World Bank

Getting government financial management systems COVID-19 ready



Fiscal Transparency in Times of Emergency Response: Reflections for times of Covid-19


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