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March 30, 2022

Economist/Climate Specialist - FAD




Work for the IMF. Work for the World.

The Fiscal Affairs Department (FAD) of the IMF is seeking to hire up to [3] economists specialized in issues related to climate change, to shape and support the advice given to IMF member countries both directly and more broadly through the development of policy analysis and guidance.

The successful candidates will help drive FAD’s climate agenda in one or more of the areas below:

  • Mitigation and energy pricing reform: quantifying the environmental, fiscal, economic, and incidence impacts of carbon pricing and other mitigation policies to implement countries emissions objectives and analyzing fiscal measures to address the broader environmental impacts of fossil fuel use.
  • Transition/Mitigation: assessing the macroeconomic impacts of energy transition in fossil-fuel exporters and developing guidance on adaptation strategies towards low-carbon economies, including policies in greening the post-COVID-19 recovery strategies
  • Adaptation and natural disaster management: core tasks would include assessing, and developing guidance on, fiscal aspects of the design and implementation of countries climate resilience plans and their place in wider macroeconomic strategies and prospects.
  • Green public financial management (PFM): core tasks would include providing advice and developing countries’ capacity to integrate climate-related concerns into the PFM framework, including public investment management and the budgetary process.

The successful candidates will be expected to collaborate extensively both within the IMF and with external stakeholders. [The positions are expected to require substantial international travel.]


Applicants should have an advanced degree in economics or other relevant area with at least 4 years of relevant experience, and a strong record of analytical and applied policy work in one or more of the areas above. S/he will have strong communication skills, an aptitude for innovation, working with others, and a strong drive for results. Experience in academia, an international institution or a ministry of finance would be an asset.


FADAI Fiscal Affairs Department Immediate Office

Link to apply


The IMF is committed to achieving a diverse staff, including age, creed, culture, disability, educational background, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, nationality, race, religion and beliefs, and sexual orientation.


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