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June 28, 2018

PEFA Summer School, 17-19 July, Washington DC


Posted by PEFA Secretariat

The PEFA Secretariat is pleased to announce that it will be conducting a PEFA ‘summer school’ workshop from July 17-19, 2018 at the World Bank offices (Room C8-100) in Washington DC.

The workshop is intended for staff of the World Bank involved in planning, managing or undertaking a PEFA assessment and/or supporting the implementation of public financial management (PFM) reform strategies or initiatives.

The training will provide participants with an overview of the PEFA 2016 framework for assessing countries’ PFM performance; set out the phases, steps, tasks and responsibilities in managing a typical PEFA assessment process; and provide guidance on how to use the results of a PEFA assessment to inform PFM reform dialogue, action planning, implementation and monitoring.

The PEFA training will be devoted to practical workshops, using exercises, participative discussion, and case studies to build and/or strengthen knowledge on the planning, implementation, and use of PEFA 2016.

At the end of the training, participants will have:

  • Improved their understanding of the PEFA 2016 framework;
  • Developed capacities to engage in, and support, the PEFA assessment process;
  • Increased their skills to assess PEFA performance indicators and prepare high quality PEFA reports;
  • Strengthened their confidence in discussing assessment findings and possible reform implications;
  • Increased their capacity to use PEFA results in PFM reform design, implementation, and monitoring; and
  • Learned about PEFA products and how best to use them.

A copy of the training agenda is attached. 

Registration for this training is now open. There are a limited number of spaces available so it is recommended that you register your interest as soon as possible.  In the event the training is oversubscribed, priority for attendance will be decided by the PEFA Secretariat.

Please note, as space is very limited and we want to give the opportunity of training to all, we would appreciate a 100% attendance from those who register and at least 3 days’ notice if you are unable to attend.

Please send an email to services@pefa.org to register for the training.


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I have tried to sign up for this workshop but the link does not work...can you please assist?

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