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February 04, 2014

Job offer: Senior Public Sector Management Specialist in Bucharest, Romania (World Bank #140135)

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The World Bank Group (WBG)’s Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Unit (PREM) in the Europe and Central Asia (ECA) Region handles the region’s work on economic policy, public sector management and governance, social inclusion, and access to equal economic opportunities. In Romania, the Bank supports public sector and institutional modernization through a range of activities, including lending programs and Reimbursable Advisory Services (RAS).

The RAS on Strengthening Public Investment Management (PIM) in the Ministry of Public Finance (MoPF) will focus on building capacity for effectively managing public investments, rationalizing the existing project portfolio, and strengthening the link between planned prioritized projects and the budget. Technical Assistance (TA) through the RAS will be delivered over a period of two years and will include direct technical advisory support to the MoPF through senior Bank staff, local and international experts to facilitate peer-to-peer learning and will include workshops and study tours.

As a part of this RAS, the Bank is planning to hire a senior public investment management expert to provide advisory services to the MoPF for strengthening their role in public investment management in Romania. The expert will be hired on a one year contract, renewable for another year, and will be based in Bucharest, Romania. Key duties will include:

  • Provide high-level advice to the Minister of Finance and the MoPF on (i) improving the effectiveness of public investment management; (ii) rationalizing the existing project portfolio; and (iii) strengthening the link between prioritized projects and resources from the EU structural funds as well as the state budget based on international best practices.
  • Provide high-level advice to the Minister of Finance and the Public Investment Evaluation unit on effectively managing the public investment management reform process within the government based on international best practices.
  • Advise the Public Investment Evaluation Unit in the MoPF in preparing and delivering high-quality outputs (key outputs and milestones are envisaged under the World Bank’s Reimbursable Advisory Services agreement such as methodologies, guidelines and procedures for strengthening PIM).

The senior public investment management expert will be required to have an advanced degree (Master's or equivalent) in Economics, Finance, Public Policy, Business Administration or other fields relevant to governance and public sector management; a minimum 8 years of relevant experience working on public investment management in governments at national and local level, or in the context of development agencies and/or other organizations; and demonstrated experience in leading policy-dialogue on public investment management issues with high level government officials. Practitioners with experience working in governments on managing public investments strongly preferred.

Web Link: Applications should be submitted online at www.worldbank.org making explicit reference to Job Number 140135 by February 10, 2014.


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