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January 15, 2010

Teaching Public Financial Management is Getting Hot!

Posted by Michel Lazare 

In the November 18, 2009 PFM Blog post, our colleague Dimitar Vlahov lamented about the scarcity of Master's Programs in PFM in the U.S. universities. This subject clearly piqued the interest of our PFM Blog readers. Not only was Dimitar's post one of our most popular ones in the last few weeks, but we have since then received two contributions from academia on programs teaching PFM.

Earlier this week, Richard Hemming and Roy Kelly announced the launh of a new Master's Program in PFM at Duke University.

Today, we are pleased to publish the following short presentation of the Postgraduate Diploma in PFM of the Centre for Financial and Management Studies (CeFiMS), at SOAS, University of London, authored by Norman Flynn, the Programme Director of Public Policy and Management at CeFiMS, University of London.

"The Centre for Financial and Management Studies, at SOAS, University of London, offers a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Financial Management, by distance learning. This programme has been developed specifically for managers needing to strengthen their understanding of public finance. Depending on which course options are chosen, the programme will enable you to make informed decisions about investment projects and the design and operations of financial systems in the public sector, when and how to use privatisation and public-private partnerships, and how to manage the financial relationships between national and sub-national governments.

Learning at a distance offers you a flexible and cost-effective study opportunity. You can benefit from the reputation and expertise of the University of London wherever you are based in the world and you can integrate your studies into your working life without having to take a career break, enabling you to apply immediately your new skills and knowledge.

To find out more information about our programmes and how we can meet your professional development needs, visit www.cefims.ac.uk."

PFMBlog would be pleased to post further contributions from other universities.


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