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January 29, 2010

PEFA "Training of Trainers" Workshop 2010

Posted by Phil Sinnett, Senior Public Finance Management Specialist, PEFA Secretariat 

Since the launch of the PEFA Framework in June 2005, more than 150 assessments have been completed and these are increasingly used by development partners and governments in the PFM reform process.

Initially, the PEFA Secretariat was heavily involved in training on the use of the Framework, but it does not have the resources to respond to the increasing demand for training – particularly at the country level for government officials and development partners’ staff. As a consequence, much PEFA training is now delivered by consultants hired directly by the sponsors of the assessments. The Secretariat has supported the development of training capacity in the private sector by designing a two-day "Training of PEFA Trainers" workshop, and the next event will take place at the European Commission premises in Brussels on February 24-25, 2010.

The workshop is designed for individuals who have a good basic understanding of public financial management and some experience delivering training workshops. Participants are assumed to have participated in the basic PEFA “Workshop on Applying the PFM Performance Measurement Framework” and have practical experience from implementing a PEFA assessment, or alternatively, to have substantial experience from implementing several PEFA assessments. The methods used will be a mixture of instructor-led presentations, individual, and group work.

The objectives will be to ensure that participants are able to:
1. Understand the impact of individual learning styles on the approach to teaching and learning.
2. Understand their target audience.
3. Design and develop a forty-five minute PEFA training session.
4. Facilitate forty-five minutes of core PEFA content.

Applications should be made by email to Jo Bartlett (on jbartlett1@worldbank.org). The closing date is Friday, February 5. As places on this workshop are limited, applications will be accepted on a "first come, first served" basis among those fully qualifying. Joining instructions and the timetable will be sent to applicants by Tuesday, February 9.

Those who successfully complete this workshop are eligible to join the "Community of Practice" on PEFA training, which is supported by the Secretariat through a dedicated area of its website, virtual seminars (using web-conference software) and an annual event.


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