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January 27, 2010

ICGFM Issues Call for Speakers at May Conference

Posted by David Nummy[1] 

The International Consortium on Governmental Financial Management (ICGFM) has issued a call for speakers, panel members, and presentations to be made at its 24th Annual International Conference to be held in Miami from May 16-21.   The theme of the conference will be: Public Financial Management in the Era of “The New Normal”.

An expert panel will review all proposals and select the most pertinent and thought-provoking of them for inclusion in the conference program. A stipend will be provided toward travel expenses of the selected presenters. PFM professionals wishing to submit proposals can seek more information at proposals@icgfm.org.

The economic realities resulting from the worst financial crisis and ensuing global recession in 70 years include economic power shifting regionally, countries facing unprecedented debt loads as they try to manage out of large stimulus programs, more erratic revenue flows for mineral based economies, and unprecedented currency fluctuations.  These new realities are commonly referred to as the New Normal. 

Public financial managers around the globe face new challenges as these realities impact revenues, budget priorities, debt management options, and call for greater transparency and better links to performance.  The ICGFM International conference will provide participants with an opportunity to learn from fellow practitioners on how to manage in this new environment, hear from development partners on how they are responding to new priorities, and to interact with colleagues on best practices and practical lessons being learned in the era of the New Normal.

Specific topics for which ICGFM seeks speakers include:

• Expenditure management in a new economic environment
• New techniques in bringing transparency to public finance
• Debt and cash management challenges
• The expanding role and increasing responsibilities of public auditors
• Addressing a post-stimulus environment
• Utilizing technology such as social networking and XBRL to improve government performance
• Issues in human capital, including gender equality
• Stimulating private sector investment
• Utilizing Public Private Partnerships as a new tool
• The increasing need and opportunity to strengthen the internal audit function at all governmental levels

The ICGFM is a non-profit group established in the 1960s by the IMF, World Bank, the U.S. General Accounting Office, and others to serve as forum for those interested in public financial management around the world, and to serve as an umbrella for government, academia, practitioners, individuals, and other associations interested in public financial management. The organization has a number of activities including a monthly lunch speaker series in Washington, D.C., an annual conference in Miami and a somewhat smaller winter conference in Washington, D.C.  It also publishes the International Journal on Public Financial Management.

[1] David Nummy is a member of the ICGFM Programs Committee and an Executive Director at Grant Thornton Global Public Sector.


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