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February 19, 2008

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and California's Budget

Posted by Michel Lazare

To further illustrate our February 1, 2008 post on the difficult fiscal outlook in a number of US states and the harsh measures that states are considering to adjust their fiscal position, here is a YouTube video on the bugetary measures proposed by the Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This video is not dated, but was posted on YouTube on January 26, 2008.

On California's budget woes, see also the January 10, 2008 Associated Press dispatch reproduced by SFGate.com: "Schwarzenegger budget slashes education, releases prisoners." Adding details to the information mentioned in the video, this dispatch also clarifies that Governor Schwarzenegger has declared a "fiscal emergency" in application of Proposition 58.

"Along with announcing his spending plan for the budget year beginning in July, Schwarzenegger declared a fiscal emergency for the current budget year. He also opened debate on his proposed constitutional amendment to limit spending.


Schwarzenegger's emergency declaration will be his first since voters gave the governor that power in 2004 by passing Proposition 58. The declaration triggers a special session and a constitutional mandate for the Legislature to address the current year's budget, either by cutting costs or increasing taxes within 45 days."

Finally, on December 28, 2008 the Wall Street Journal publsihed an article titled The Red Ink State on California's budget situation. The latest on-line version of this article includes a link to our February 1 post (see link at the bottom of the page).



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California still doesn't have a budget...you can create your own version of the state budget with the Next 10 Budget Challenge. The nonpartisan Challenge allows you to go through the steps of deciding what to spend and what to tax to see the tough choices involved. Try it! www.next10.org/challenge

California would save millions of dollars if they looked at the money that is spent on section 8 and other welfare programs. We are teaching people that section 8 and welfare is a way of life. It is not! I work for a property management company and deal with 80% of the people that is on section 8. They do not have a job and does not want a job. They have figured out they get more money & help if they do not work. Nothing is physical wrong with these people except laziness. We need to put them through a trade school and make them get a job or cut their help off. As someone who has a job I pay state taxes, which are very high, to help the people who do not want to work. We need to work on getting these people off the system. I am tired of paying for them. We could use the money for roads or other programs that the working class can get some use out of. Lets quit rewarding people for being lazy!

Does the California Constitution have the weight of law? If so what are we to do about those who disregard the Constitution by not passing a budget on time?

And just how is the California Constitution being disregarded you might ask?

Article 4, Section 12c, 4 reads that "The Legislature shall bass the budget bill by midnight on June 15 of each year." Well, as of today, September 8, 2008, no budget bill has passed.

The mandate of the California Constitution has been disregarded. And to what consequence? None for members of the Legislature. Is the California Constitution so meaningless that members of the legislature, for whatever reason, can behave as if this section is only a mere guideline to be habitually ignored?

I wonder what other "suggestions" there might be in the California Constitution that we citizens might disregard simply because they are not convenient for our personal or professional agendas?

I am not a legal scholar but it seems to me that the deadline for ending political posturing and passing the budget is June 15 of each year. That deadline is clearly a mandate written into the California Constitution.

Who enforces the law when the law is broken?

20,000 layoffs is a good start. Taxing Californians into the dirt is not acceptable. Stop the crazy liberal spending.
Thumbs up on this one Republicans!

The California voters have expressed their displeasure with the excess spending in Sacramento. Now, our elected officials must go to work to balance California's budget. The projected $42 Billion deficit projected for next year is a deep hole. The questions being asked across America today are: Is California too big to fail?... WIll the Obama administration bailout California? A look at the current budget will show the magnitude of the challenge. http://pfx.me/eK

Sadly, we have really got to come to terms with the outlandish spending, and do it now. I don't hear our politicians talking about it at all. No one seems to have a solution. There are solutions, but no one wants to talk about them. It means cutting back on the number of people employed in every sector -- even education -- and cutting back salaries for those remaining. That is what is happening in the private sector, so government needs to do the same. We need leaders capable of making tough decisions, even if it means their jobs, and I just don't see them anywhere.

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