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January 17, 2008

PFM Blog Got an Award!

Posted by Michel Lazare

The PFM Blog team is pleased to let you know that our blog received an award!

The Bayesian Heresy blog recently published its "BH Economics Blog Awards 2008" and ranked our PFM Blog second in its "Best Multilateral Agency Blog."

Best Multilateral Agency Blog
1- IMF Research Blog
2- PFM Blog
3- End Poverty in South Asia (from World Bank)

We also are also pleased to see that we figure at the 146th rank (January 15, 2008 ranking--updated daily on the basis of Technorati data) out of the 211 blogs economic blogs listed under the Economics Blog Directory & Ranking of 26econ.com. Not bad at all after only 3 months of existence.

Here are the top 10 blogs listed by 26econ.com

Top 10 Economics Blogs
Rank Blog Technorati
1 Freakonomics 93
2 Marginal Revolution 609
3 Greg Mankiw's Blog 966
4 The Big Picture 1488
5 The Conscience of a Liberal (Paul Krugman) 1612
6 Economist's View 3315
7 Calculated Risk 3985
8 Nouriel Roubini 4820
9 Brad DeLong 4844
10 The Becker-Posner Blog 4868


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Should have been No. 1 actually- as your research blog is only a temporary blog.
I would also like to see more coverage of OECD and WB work on PFM, and also government agencies work (eg US GAO) highlighted.

Another area is Universities' role -- there are lot of university courses teaching government budgeting in US ivy league--but I'm not sure from the contents I've seen how practical and relevant they are, often using very old text books.
- Marshall Jevons

Dear Marshall Jevons:

We gracefully accept the upgrade!! :-)

We agree with your suggestions. There is indeed room for more posts on WB, OECD, and US agencies work, as well as on many other subjects. We plan to do this over the next few months. We also plan to widen our coverage of successful PFM reforms in many other countries (e.g., there are quite a few successful PFM reforms in Africa which would deserve a post).

Our PFM Blog team of authors is busy preparing various posts but we would also welcome high caliber contributions from guest bloggers.

Speaking of universities, we would indeed welcome similar contributions from academia. Not only from teachers but also from post graduate students.


Congratulation to the FAD team for this well deserved award!
This blog has became an extremely helpful tool that I use very frequently
Although it may already costs a lot to nurture and maintain , I have some suggestions to complement it :
-beyond PFM issues stricto sensu, it would make sense to address wider issues on fiscal policy,fiscal rules, fiscal governance; and to go further, why not addressing tax issues?
-most of the posts concern a past event, a past paper which is normal...but it would very useful to have also some info about the future events: I am thinking specifically to the calendar of events (Seminars, symposium, meetings of any kind- open to the "public"- that are scheduled in the short-medium term). I have been informed by this PFM blog of several interesting meetings I would have been happy to attend but... it was too late...
-I support also Marshall Jevons's suggestions
Sorry for adding to your load of work
Again congratulations and many thanks
Benoit Chevauchez

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