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September 27, 2007

Anti-corruption: you know Bono and U2….What about U4?

Well, U4 is not a rock  band, but it nevertheless rocks.

It is actually an "Anti-Corruption Resource Centre [that] assists  donor practitioners to more effectively address corruption challenges through  their development support."

The U4 Resource Centre is operated by the Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI), Bergen, Norway  - a private social science research foundation working on issues of development  and human rights.

U4's web site contains relevant anti-corruption resources, including U4's own applied research (Themes).  U4 also communicates the work of the U4 partner agencies through a searchable  database of projects and initiatives. It offers a Help Desk service (Transparency International's  Secretariat in Berlin  is responsible for the U4 Help Desk)
  and provides online as well as in-country training on  anti-corruption measures and strategies for partner agencies and their  counterparts.

U4 was initially established in 2003 as a result of the  so-called "Utstein-partnership" (*) which  began in 1999 with an initiative taken by the ministers of international  development from the Netherlands,  Germany, Norway and the UK (a total of 4 countries, hence  the U4 name) to formalize their cooperation. High on the priority list was  anti-corruption. Sweden  (Sida) and Canada  (CIDA) joined as U4 partners in 2005.

Nowadays, U4 partners are six development agencies: Norad (Norway), DFID (UK), CIDA (Canada), GTZ (Germany), the Netherlands's Ministry of Foreign  Affairs (MinBuZa), and Sida (Sweden).

(*) Utstein  Abbey is close to the city of Stavanger in Norway.

Posted by: Michel Lazare


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