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Article Submission Instructions

Guidelines for Authors of Blog Articles

1.  Articles on all subjects relevant to budgeting practices, budgetary institutions, and related PFM and fiscal topics will be considered for posting.

2.  Proposals for articles should be submitted for consideration to the editors: Richard Allen (, Teresa Curristine (, and Holger van Eden ( copying the blog administrator Laura Torrent (

3.  Articles should be no more than 800-900 words in length. In exceptional cases the editors may agree to publish a piece that exceeds this limit.

4.  Articles should be given a title and, beneath this, the name of the author or authors, with a footnote providing the author’s affiliation (e.g., Technical Assistance Advisor, IMF; Advisor to the Minister of Finance in Indonesia, etc.).

5.  The title of the article should be short, generally no more than 6-8 words, and should be posed as a statement not a question (e.g., “Improvements in PFM in Indonesia” rather than “Has PFM improved in Indonesia?”).

6.  Articles should be written in non-technical language to the extent possible and be accessible to the non-specialist reader with an interest in budgeting and PFM.

7.  Authors may wish to submit a photograph or image that they would like to publish with the article. Please note that all images must be the property of the author. Alternatively, the editors will choose an appropriate image from the dataset available to the IMF.

8.  The editors reserve the right to accept or reject articles, or to propose amendments that conform with the editorial policy of the Blog and the style of articles.