Job Offer! Public Financial Management (PFM) Advisors, based in Africa (Job Number: 1500535)


The Fiscal Affairs Department (FAD) of the International Monetary Fund is looking for qualified candidates to fill positions as Public Financial Management (PFM) Advisors to be based in Africa. The initial appointment term would be for a period of one year, on a renewable basis, subject to satisfactory performance.


The Advisors will provide technical assistance on a wide range of PFM areas including:

  • the legal, regulatory, and institutional framework for budgeting and public financial management;
  • budget preparation and formulation, and medium-term expenditure frameworks;
  • program and performance budgeting and management;
  • budget classification and chart of accounts;
  • budget execution and financial control;
  • accounting and reporting;
  • internal control and internal audit;
  • government banking, cash and debt management arrangements, treasury management;
  • financial management information systems;
  • fiscal decentralization; and
  • assessment of the performance of the PFM system, through the PEFA performance, measurement framework.

Activities will include diagnostic reviews, provision of technical advice, training, preparation of technical manuals, and support to planning of PFM and related organizational reforms, as well as supervision of the work of short-term experts hired for delivering specific aspects of the respective work programs.


Advisor positions are available in:

  • AFRITAC East (Dar es Salaam) covering Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.
  • AFRITAC West 2 (Accra) covering Cabo Verde, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and The Gambia.
  • Malawi: resident in Lilongwe, covering both Malawi and Zimbabwe, the Advisor will focus on strengthening core budget execution processes including expenditure controls, cash management, accounting and fiscal reporting and underlying IT systems.
  • Lesotho–resident in Maseru, the Advisor will focus on developing fiscal reporting and treasury management capacity.
  • Swaziland-resident in Mbabane the Advisor will focus on developing macro-fiscal forecasting capacity.

The Advisors in the RTACs will work under the general direction of the relevant RTAC Coordinator but, on substantive issues, will report to FAD staff in Washington. Advisors based in Malawi, Lesotho and Swaziland will report directly to FAD staff in Washington. For the RTAC advisors, extensive travel within the covered region should be expected.


General requirements for candidates include:

  • A university degree or equivalent qualification (at least at master’s level), preferably in economics and/or accounting.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills (including electronic media), and experience in preparing presentations using software such as PowerPoint.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work as part of a team, maintain effective and cooperative relations with national authorities as well as donors, and handle sensitive issues with discretion in a multicultural environment.
  • Ability to manage the work of short-term PFM experts.
  • Experience in organizing and conducting training courses and workshops would be an advantage.

Preference will be given to candidates who have had at least 10 years of practical experience in a senior line or advisory position within a ministry of finance, or a related budgetary institution; and have relevant experience of PFM reforms, in one or more of the PFM fields noted above.

Applicants for all PFM Advisor positions must be fully proficient in English. For AFRITAC West 2, fluency in Portuguese is highly desirable.

The IMF is committed to achieving a diverse staff, including gender, nationality, culture and educational background.

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