Upcoming Event: International Workshop on Government Performance Management, July 1-12, 2013, New Delhi

Posted by Bill Dorotinsky, The World Bank

The Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE),Hyderabad, and the Performance Management Division (PMD), Cabinet Secretariat,Government of India, are collaborating to organize the ‘InternationalWorkshop on Government Performance Management’ from July 1-12, 2013. Theenclosed brochure gives the details of this workshop.

Thisworkshop is a unique training program that will cover a wide range of issuesthat concern the design and implementation of effective performance managementin government. As part of its administrative reforms, India has implemented oneof the most far reaching systems called the ‘Performance Monitoring andEvaluation System (PMES)’ for government departments.

Thistraining program will compare and contrast this experience with similarexperiences in developed and developing countries. It will discuss the entireeco-system that is required for designing and implementing an effectiveperformance management system in Government. We believe that a trainingprogram of this caliber and quality has never been organized on this subjectanywhere in the world.  As you can see from the enclosed brochure, we havecarefully chosen the topics and invited some of the leading theoreticians andpractitioners to share their experience with workshop participants.

The Workshop is intended for seniorGovernment Officials, Public Enterprise Managers, Professional Economists,Management Consultants, Journalists, Academicians, and Politicians concernedwith improving performance of the governments in their countries. Non-Indianapplicants are encouraged to attend, covering their own costs.

This Workshop will provideparticipants with knowledge, skills, international best practices, andcutting-edge tools for designing and implementing systems for improvingorganizational performance in the entire government sector (public enterprisesas well as core government departments). It is ideally suited for staff membersthat have been identified for filling top level assignments in theirorganization in the future.

Pleaseconsider participating in this workshop or nominating someone who could benefitfrom this experience. We will appreciate it if you could forward thisinformation to those who may be interested in this topic.

Forfurther details, please visit: www.performance.gov.in

The deadline forreceiving nominations is June 10, 2013.

Download Workshop Brochure

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