Job Offer: Financial Management ETC Based in San Salvador, El Salvador (World Bank Job # 130174)

Posted by T.K. Balakrishnan, Manager, FinancialManagement, Latin America and Caribbean Region, World Bank

The World Bank has an opening for a FinancialManagement Extended Term Consultant (FM-ETC) based in San Salvador, El Salvador. Job description and qualifications are detailedin the job announcement, posted on the World Bank's website: FinancialManagement ETC based in San Salvador, El Salvador --  Job # 130174

The Closing Date is February 17, 2013.

For convenience, we provide the PFM Blog readers with excerpts from the JobAnnouncement.

Duties and Accountabilities:

The World Bankis strongly committed to support improvement of performance and capacity of FMinstitutions and systems, align financial management arrangements in WorldBank-financed projects with the country regular institutions and systems, andmonitor and improve the fiduciary aspects of the Portfolio.   The Financial Management Extended TermConsultant (FM-ETC) is expected to be fully dedicated to these objectives.   The FM-ETC will be part of the RegionalFM team, will work under thesupervision of the LC2 FM Coordinator, and will report to the RegionalManager for Financial Management (RMFM).

The FM-ETC willwork from the San Salvador office and work on all financial management (FM)aspects related to the World Bank’s operations in selected LC2 countries (ElSalvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama), and in othercountries as needed. This will include, but is not limited to: assessing theadequacy of project financial management arrangements, providing implementationsupport and supervising projects financed by grants and credits; ensuringcompliance with the Bank’s audit and other fiduciary requirements, ensuringthat the project operations are carried out in accordance with sound financialmanagement practices, performing analytical work on financial management andaccountability issues, and carrying out capacity building activities.  The FM-ETC will work with the country team,including Task Team Leaders, Financial Management Specialists, Procurement andother technical specialists, and Administrative and Client Service (ACS) staff.

The FM-ETC isexpected to assume the following duties and responsibilities:


The successfulcandidate should also demonstrate the following competencies:

Applications should be submitted online at making explicit reference to Job Number 130174 by February 17, 2013.

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