Job Offer: Lead Financial Management Specialist Based in Dakar, Senegal (World Bank Job Number 120145)

Renaud Seligmann

February 9, 2012

Posted by Renaud Seligmann

Background/General Description

The Financial Management unit (AFTFM) is a part of the Africa Region’s Operation Services Department (AFTOS). It advises and supports Regional Management and Task Team Leaders on financial management in operations, and works on public financial management (PFM). Specifically, AFTFM is responsible for: (i) operational financial management support to the Region’s portfolio; (ii) policy advice to Government on PFM and private sector accounting and auditing; and (iii) capacity building activities to improve borrowers' financial management systems, including support for designing lending operations that focus on PFM and private sector accounting and auditing reform or capacity development. 

The Lead FMS will report to the Regional Manager for Financial Management (RMFM) and will be part of the regional financial management team. She/he will work with AFR FM Team and country teams, including Task Team Leaders and Administrative and Client Service (ACS) staff. AFTFM is highly decentralized (about 90 percent of staff is located in Country Offices). The Lead FM Specialist will have Unit/Regional and specific country-level duties and accountabilities. At the Unit/Regional level, the Lead FM Specialist is accountable for the quality of PFM work in Francophone AFR as well as compliance with the guidelines issued by the FM Sector Board (FMSB) with a special focus on Francophone countries. In that capacity, she/he (i) supports the RMFM in meeting the work program objectives and coaching CO and HQ FM staff; and (ii) contributes to the development of the overall financial management strategy and work program of the Region and oversees its implementation.  Specific country-level responsibilities include: (i) coordination and quality assurance of PFM work in Francophone countries; (ii) lead PFM expert for certain Francophone countries, providing TA to Government, leading tasks and assisting task teams on PFM issues, and supporting the preparation and supervision of PRSCs and DPOs; and (iii) mentoring Francophone FMS on PFM.

Duties and Accountabilities

The specific duties and responsibilities of the Lead FMS will be agreed with the RMFM and will include the following:
  Provides technical leadership for PFM work in Francophone countries, including coordination and quality assurance.  
  Oversees preparation of ESW/AAA products (including policy papers, technical reports, etc. relevant at either the Regional and/or Bank-wide level.)
  Conceives, develops and promotes innovations in Regional guidelines, processes and procedures, project design, organization and management to improve the Region’s involvement and borrower's accountability on capacity development and fiduciary issues.
  Develops and builds client relations at senior levels and plays a promotional role in generating new business for the Region and/or the Bank. 
  Leads and/or participates in ground-breaking or precedent setting missions, and plays a key role in developing innovative practical approaches to difficult policy and operational issues at the Regional, Country and/or Sectoral levels
  In coordination with other Sectors staff, influences the design and execution of major Public Financial Management (PFM) and Private Sector Financial Management Development policy initiatives in the Region and across the Bank, including fiduciary and long-range capacity-building interventions on policy and operational issues across countries and sectors.
  Facilitates Regional cooperation with development partners in the area of FM (e.g. PFM capacity development, use of country systems and harmonization), and organizes interactions with international experts within the Region to debate and exchanges ideas on key issues and new areas of business (e.g. regional integration, anti-corruption and governance.)
  Proactively engages with senior government officials, public sector institutions, accounting and auditing bodies and regional organizations on capacity building issues across countries in the Region.
  Monitors the Region’s FM-related work (including consistent and uniform application of FM Network practices and fiduciary risk-management tools/methodology) to ensure overall quality and relevance of FM inputs, and use of appropriate internal control measures in coordination with CSR.
  Serves as an advisor to the Regional front office, AFTOS Director, RMFM and Regional staff on FM strategies and issues. 
  Mentors and coaches less senior staff at HQ and in Country Offices.
  Support the RMFM’s focal role as a spokesperson on FM issues with clients and borrowers, other external constituencies and expert groups.

The position involves frequent interaction with: (a) top government officials at ministerial level and equivalent contacts in accountancy professional bodies and regional organizations; (b) counterparts within and across Bank sectors (Sector/Country Directors and Managers), other Networks (especially Procurement, PREM) and in other units (e.g., CMUs) integral to the delivery of business objectives and products, at HQ and in the field, as well as Senior and executive management, as required; and (c) other external constituencies (MDBs, donor community) and expert groups (regional FM organizations and professional bodies).

Selection Criteria

Minimum Education/Experience

  Education: Degree in a relevant discipline and CPA/CA (indicating membership of an internationally recognized professional accounting institute); or alternatively, an Advanced Degree in a relevant discipline (e.g. Public Sector Management, Public Finance, etc.) and extensive public sector experience (senior technical or managerial position in public sector institutions) – in this case, the requirement for a professionally licensed accounting qualification would be desirable but not essential.
  Sustained record of achieving high-quality substantive results over an extended period (typically at least 10 years).
  Prior substantive and sustained work experience in achieving results on the ground in more than one world region (including both pre-Bank experience and Bank experience). Experience in Fragile States is highly valued and desirable. A minimum of two years equivalent pre-Bank experience in a second world region will be acceptable. A minimum of two years in a Corporate assignment (e.g., in a Network Anchor, DEC, WBI, EXT, SEC, MDS, OED) may substitute for experience in a second world region.
  Proven track record in supporting clients in initiating and implementing programs/projects with development impact including in using appropriate lending instruments and modalities, e.g. introducing innovations or replicating and customizing successful projects to meet client needs.
  Proven ability to integrate multi-sectoral approaches or activities to achieve effective results.

Essential Specialized Skills

  Extensive experience in PFM reforms and PFM analytical work, including the PEFA Performance Measurement Framework, and superb knowledge of the various dimensions of the PFM cycle (budget formulation, execution, controls, accounting and reporting, auditing and oversight of public finances).
  Advanced and broad knowledge of all aspects of financial management: among others (a) knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards and International Standards on Auditing; (b) extensive experience with internal control systems and procedures (in particular COSO); (c) extensive experience in auditing including assessing auditors competence; and (d) experience in advising clients on the design and implementation of FM systems, including financial and management reports.
  Recognition as an expert in the field as evidenced either through a proven track record of managing and delivering highly complex lending operations or equivalent assignments (e.g. leading complex policy dialogue, delivering other non-lending services).
  Demonstrated intellectual leadership and ability to integrate sector specific knowledge with broader Regional operational strategy and research objectives.
  Extensive experience in DPOs/PRSCs.

General Competencies

  Teamwork (capacity to function often as a team leader of a multi-disciplinary team), proven track record of building and managing teams and creating an enabling work environment, ability to deal sensitively in multi-cultural environments and build effective working relations with clients and colleagues, to search for common ground and where appropriate, to recommend decisive action.
  Ability to coach, mentor and develop more junior staff from both technical and Bank skills standpoint.
  Ability to conduct independent research and analysis, identifying issues, formulating options, reaching conclusions, submitting recommendations and persuading superiors and colleagues on outcomes.
  Commitment to performance excellence, results impact, including the ability to proactively share knowledge and experience with clients and staff.
  Demonstrated track record of innovative strategic thinking and planning.
  Ability to communicate and defend orally and in writing difficult issues and positions to senior Bank management, government officials, and other stakeholders.

The World Bank Group is committed to achieving diversity in terms of gender, nationality, culture and educational background.  Individuals with disabilities are equally encouraged to apply.  All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Applications should be submitted online at by making explicit reference to Job No. 120145 by February 13, 2012.

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