Gabrielle Bierman

Bamboo_forest_arunachal_pradesh_ind Posted by Anand P. Gupta, Director, Economic Management Institute, New Delhi, India

The article "Reforming the Management of Public Expenditures on Forests: Some Thoughts" (Full text:Download gupta1.pdf) published in Social and Public Policy Review, Volume 2, Number 1 (2008) reviews the available data on forest expenditures of all public entities in India, identifies and articulates the weaknesses in the management of these expenditures, and argues that, with these entities not spending even their current allocations for the forestry sector, inadequacy of financial resources can not be regarded as much a reason for the current dismal state of India’s forest sector as it is made out to be. The article asserts that a good part of the solution to India’s forest problems lies in reforming the management of its public expenditures on forests, with the focus on strengthening the expenditure-outcome link.

Foggy_forest_india This requires: recognition by those responsible for managing the forestry sector’s finances that expenditures do not necessarily produce the intended outcomes and that it is the outcomes that the people are concerned with; definition of the intended outcomes in measurable and monitorable terms; and delivery of the intended outcomes with a strong sense of ownership to be shared down the line up to the cutting edge levels through effective communication. These are major challenges, with the challenge of delivering the intended outcomes being the most difficult. But the challenge can be met. This will require several things.