PFM Blog Got an Award!

Posted by Michel Lazare

The PFM Blog team is pleased to let you know that our blog received an award!

The Bayesian Heresy blog recently published its "BH Economics Blog Awards 2008" and ranked our PFM Blog second in its "Best Multilateral Agency Blog."

Best Multilateral Agency Blog
1- IMF Research Blog
2- PFM Blog
3- End Poverty in South Asia (from World Bank)

We also are also pleased to see that we figure at the 146th rank (January 15, 2008 ranking--updated daily on the basis of Technorati data) out of the 211 blogs economic blogs listed under the Economics Blog Directory & Ranking of Not bad at all after only 3 months of existence.

Here are the top 10 blogs listed by

Top 10 Economics Blogs
2Marginal Revolution609
3Greg Mankiw's Blog966
4The Big Picture1488
5The Conscience of a Liberal (Paul Krugman)1612
6Economist's View3315
7Calculated Risk3985
8Nouriel Roubini4820
9Brad DeLong4844
10The Becker-Posner Blog4868