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January 2020

January 21, 2020

Delivering on India’s Public Finance Reform Promises

India pfm
Posted by Abhirup Bhunia[1]

India’s annual federal government budget for 2019-20 was worth $391 billion. A lower-middle income country with 21 percent of its population still below the poverty line, India runs some of the world’s largest social safety net programs. These include MNREGA – the world’s largest public works program - and the Public Food Distribution System, which account for more than 1 percent of GDP.

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January 13, 2020

Policy-Based Budgeting: How to Spot the “Fakes”

IStock-619665366 (ENVIADA POR ASCHWARTZ final for BUDGETING)
Posted by Andrew Laing[1]

Governments introduce budget reforms programs for all kinds of reasons, noble or otherwise. But how can we tell if their declared good intentions are real? How can we identify genuine reform from “fake” reform? A recent paper by the Washington-based Institute for State Effectiveness provides a dozen examples of red flags for identifying “fake” budget reforms. It focused on two closely related areas of budgeting that are commonly found in PFM reform programs:

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January 09, 2020

Improving Oversight of State Enterprises in Southern Africa

AFS (blog January 9 v2)

Posted by Robert Clifton, Avril Halstead and Tjeerd Tim[1]

The IMF’s Regional Technical Assistance Center for Southern Africa, AFRITAC South (AFS), recently organized a customized workshop on strengthening the oversight and monitoring of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) for four countries in the region.[2] The workshop brought together technical staff of SOE oversight units from Botswana, Namibia, Seychelles, and South Africa for both knowledge development and peer‐to‐peer exchange of ideas and experiences.

Over the last two years, AFS has assisted Botswana and Seychelles in strengthening their SOE oversight capacity. It has also assisted Namibia and South Africa in their efforts to improve fiscal risk management.

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January 07, 2020

How Internal Auditors Can Leverage the Power of FMIS

IStock-977702678 BLOG 7 Enero
Posted by Puneet Kapoor[1]

Internal auditors in government are required to understand the internal control system, evaluate its design and effectiveness, and advise management on strengthening the system. In most jurisdictions, government internal auditors continue to use traditional manual auditing methods of testing controls by performing the tests on a retrospective and cyclical basis.

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January 02, 2020

Top 10 PFM Blog Posts of 2019

Top 10
Posted by Thibault Vermeulen, Richard Allen, and Teresa Curristine

In the spirit of celebrating another successful year, the time has come to announce the Top Ten most popular blog posts of 2019.

2019 was a ground-breaking year for the PFM blog, with a record 76 articles being published. Readership levels remained high, as did the rich diversity of our articles, authors and readers. 44 percent of the articles, and a majority of those in the top 10, were written by external contributors from international organizations, the public sector, academia, and the private sector, which is higher than last year. Topics ranged widely, from corruption, to FMIS, to green budgeting, to gender budgeting, to fiscal rules and PFM in resource-rich countries, to making public infrastructure more efficient, and more. Some of these topics are old perennials, others were breaking new ground and stretching the envelope of knowledge.

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