PEFA NEWS FLASH! (33) - Release of the Country Testing Version of the Upgraded PFM Framework


Following the public consultation on the draft upgraded PEFA indicator set, the PEFA Partners are pleased to release a version of the entire upgraded PFM Performance Measurement Framework for use in testing at country level– the ‘testing version’ – which incorporates guidance on the indicators and PFM performance report content, available here. A short explanation of changes from the consultation draft is available here.

Testing will be carried in the first half of 2015, then the final fine-tuning of the upgraded Framework will be decided, and all associated information, guidance and training materials, will be prepared for release by the end of 2015.

The PEFA Partners are seeking additional opportunities to test the upgraded Framework. If you would like to participate in testing the PEFA Framework, please contact the PEFA Secretariat.

The PEFA Secretariat is also publishing the report on the feedback received during the public consultation process which includes a discussion of the main findings and key issues and a summary of the major comments by indicator, available here.

Any enquiries or comments on the upgraded Framework can be directed to the PEFA Secretariat by telephone (+1-202-458-8545) or email ( More information is available on the website and you can also follow new developments on Twitter @PEFASecretariat.

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